Vulcan V550 Hybrid Paddle

Thanks to Pickleball Central's paddle review program our club is getting the first look at Vulcan's new V550 paddle. The Vulcan company has been popular in the tennis world for 25 years and is now entering the pickleball market. Some things to know about the V550:

  • It's an elongated paddle but it's polypropylene core and carbon fiber face will give you the power you need without wearing out your arm. This is a midweight paddle that averages 7.9 oz.

  • This paddle is 16 3/4" long and has a 4.5" long handle. It comes with a 4 1/2 high-tack texture grip that has a very comfortable feel.

  • The face of this paddle is 7" wide and has a sweet spot that's positioned a little higher on the paddle. So you'll still feel the power in this paddle when you have to reach for the ball.

Local Stanwood player Mike Givens had a chance to put the V550 through it's paces. Mike is a 4.2 rated player who recently won 2 golds in the Pacific Northwest Regional Tournament and qualified for Nationals next year. He is also a certified professional pickleball instructor. Mike said he won't be changing from his Engage brand paddle but enjoyed playing with the Vulcan. He thought it was well balanced for a longer paddle and liked the textured grip. He especially liked the control he had in his dinking game with this paddle. "Plenty of power too" he remarked.

Mike Givens

Other comments from local players who gave this paddle a try:

  • "great for overhead power and control"

  • "solid, yet soft sound when striking the ball"

  • "very well balanced"

  • "I rate this paddle as excellent. May be a future purchase for me."

  • "great looking paddle

I played with this paddle several times and honestly the more I played with it the more I liked it. At first I kept thinking about this "long paddle" in my hand. But after a few games I quit thinking about it and just played my game. I was surprised at several shots I made that usually would have been out of my reach. I'll probably keep playing with my Tempest Pro but it might be interesting to have this paddle in my bag for a change up. If singles ever becomes my game I'm sure I'll look at this style of paddle and would definitely consider purchasing the Vulcan V550.

Thanks again to Pickleball Central for sending us this paddle to review. Find out more about this paddle at their website here and remember their "30 Day 100% Happy" return policy. Remember to use the code CRMountVernon to receive a 5% discount on any purchase.