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Playtime Scheduler

The Board has adopted Playtime Scheduler as the best platform for finding and scheduling pickleball play. Sign up for your own account by clicking on the Playtime Scheduler graphic above or the link below, and then get busy finding places to play, people to play with, or club sessions to join.


Below are tips on how to use PlayTime Scheduler (PTS).

Table of Contents:  

  1. How to Create an Account

  2. How to Configure your Account

  3. Key Settings to Configure

  4. How to ADD a Session

  5. How to MODIFY a Session

  6. How to RESPOND to another players PTS Session Request

  7. Information about the two PAID Account types (Premium & Power)

1. Create an account:

  • There are three levels of accounts. Free, Premium, and Power. We suggest that you start with the Free account and after you use it for awhile, decide if you need the features of the paid versions.

  • To Register, go to the Playtime Scheduler Website and click on “REGISTER”. Please note when you are done registering, it is very important to configure your account (see Section 2 below for details).






  • Follow through the next three screens by entering your Country, State, and choosing Skagit County, WA.

  • You will now be at the page where you enter in all of your personal information. It is important that you enter your skill level and gender as this helps matching people with similar level players. We also highly recommend that you click “YES” to receiving email notifications.

  • After you save the above page you will see the message below. This is reminding you that PTS does not reserve courts it only helps you find and schedule players and has no links to any other systems.











  • YOU ARE NOT DONE YET. BEFORE YOU USE PTS go to the next section on configuring your account.


2. Configure Your Account:

  • Click on My Account

  • You will see the below screen. On the top are FOUR Tabs. Go through each tab and configure the settings to meet your needs. For details on on some of the more important settings, see the next section. Please enter your full first name.


3. Key Settings to Configure


  • My Profile Tab

    • The Skill Level setting allows for .25/.75 levels for when you are in-between x.0 and X.5 (examples: 3.25, 3.75)

    • If you don’t check the box for “Allow others to search for me when creating invite-only sessions”, people will not be able to invite you.

  • Emails Tab

    • The default is for all items to be checked. This is a good idea but there may be some you want to shut off. Example: uncheck days of the week and times you don’t want to play on such as Monday evenings.

    • Email me about sessions within X miles of your zip code.

      • Set this up if you want to be alerted for games in cities further away, such as Hillcrest Park, Blackburn Pavilion, etc.

  • Calendar Tab - We have no tips for this tab.

  • Locations Tab

    • If you have the free version of PTS this screen is not customizable.

4.  How to ADD a Session:


  • Adding a session allows you to create a message looking for players. The message goes to everyone who is subscribed to see the location you select.

  • Log into your account: PTS WEBSITE

  • Click on the ADD SESSION button located in the calendar on the top right-hand side of the window.

    • Select a Location

    • Select a Date

    • Select a Time

    • Select a Skill Range (example: if you are a 3.0 you might want to select 2.75 to 3.5)

    • Minimum # of Players: Example: if you are playing singles, set this to 2. For doubles you might want to set this to 3 in the event that you can’t get 4 AND would be willing to play a 3 person game.

    • Maximum # of Players: Example: if you are playing singles, set this to 2 ; for doubles select 4.

    • Invite-Only Session: Check this box if you want this to be a private session. You must invite at least one person using the PTS directory. This means in order to use this option, at least one person in your group must be in the PTS Directory. AFTER you create the Session you can manually add more players to the Session that are NOT in the PTS directory by using the ADD GUEST option.

    • Description/Notes: Add information here about the session. Examples: “Please bring your own balls”; “It might rain”; Want to have lunch after the game?”.

    • Click the Add Session button at the bottom of the screen and everyone signed up to receive alerts for new sessions at the location you are playing (and other criteria) will receive an email.

5.  How to MODIFY a Session

  • Log into your account: PTS WEBSITE

  • In the Calendar pane, go to the date of the session you already created and click on it. The screen below will appear.

  • There are five areas circled in RED above that you can select to change your session.

    • 1. +Add Guest: This allows you to add a player that is NOT in the PTS directory.

    • 2. +Add Note: This allows you to add an additional note that all players will see.

    • 3. Delete a Note: If you click on the “X” to the right of your original note, it will delete it. If there is more than one note from you or another player, they will each show up separately.

    • 4. Delete a Player: If you click on the “X” to the right of the player name, it will remove that player. However, if you delete your own name and you are the owned of the session, it will delete the entire session.

    • 5. Edit or Cancel Session: This option opens the original Session record where you can change any of the fields.


6. How to RESPOND to another players PTS Session Request


  • You can respond to someone who has created a record using two methods, both of which require you to log into PTS.

    • Log into PTS and browse the Calendar. Click on any Session and add your name.

    • You receive an email from PTS informing you of a Session. You decide that you want to attend and then log into PTS and go to the date and time and click on the record.

  • In both of the cases below:

    • Log into your account: PTS WEBSITE

    • In the Calendar, Click on the record you are interested in and the below screen will open.


  • If you want to play in this Session click on “+Add My Name”

  • If you want to read the notes, click on the blue text that says “X additional notes - click to view”. This message will only appear if additional notes have been added.

7. Information about the two PAID account types (Premium & Power)

  • PTS has two other fee based account levels that provide additional features. For more information, go to: PTS UPGRADES

Special thanks to the Emerald Valley Pickleball Club in Eugene, Oregon for allowing us to use their club's Playtime Scheduler instructions.

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