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  How to Become
an SVP Club Member
  1. Sign-up to become a website member. Each website member is required to use a unique email address. 

  2. Click "Select" on the New Membership box on this page.

  3. If you haven't logged into the website, do so now (or sign-up & login).

  4. Pay with a debit/credit card. After entering card info and payer's info, click "Continue" and "Buy Now".

  5. Once payment is confirmed, click "Membership Application". Fill out form with new member's contact info and click "Submit".

New Membership

Expires Dec 31st, 2024

  • New Member Dues for 2024

    ------ Dues for 2024 ------- Expires Dec 31, 2024
    • 2024 Membership Renewal

      ------ Dues for 2024 ------- Expires Dec 31, 2024
      • Only valid for Active Members in 2023
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