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Pickleball  101  for  Beginners

Pickleball 101 is for SVP members who are beginner players. Our goal is to make you comfortable with the game basics so that you will feel confident when showing up at the courts to play.

We will teach basic skills to get you started:

  -  Safety

  -  Rules

  -  Scoring

  -  Starting positions on the court

  -  Serving and serving rotation

  -  Basic stroke mechanics

  -  How to meet other players at the beginner level


Our Pickleball 101 course (formerly known as SVP Mentoring) is offered at least once per month. Current classes are listed on, which is the website that SVP uses for event registration. The next classes are scheduled for April 11 at 2 pm, April 23 at 6 pm, May 9 at 2 pm, June 4 at 3 pm, June 19 at 6 pm, and July 9 at 3 pm.  (Schedule subject to change; please check back and use Playtime Scheduler to confirm as the date gets closer.)

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