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New Member Mentoring

Mentor Program Details 


What it is:

This is for beginner players (Who are members of SVP). You must contact Judy Cookson for a place on the schedule. The goal is to get you comfortable with the game basics so you can feel secure showing up at the courts and getting into a game.


What it is not:

This is not a drop in session. Members must contact Judy Cookson to schedule a session.  Judy and the mentoring team will work with you to find a time that works for mentoring.


We will teach basic skills to get you started.

-Serving and serving rotation

-Two bounce rule

-Kitchen (no volley zone) play

-Scoring (it will be a bit weird at first but you will get the gist)

-Kitchen line play


Before your scheduled time we ask that you go to, click on ‘Organized Play’ and review How to Play and Scoring.


For some this will be a one time introduction. For those who need a bit more time arrangements will be made.


To set up a mentoring session, text Judy Cookson at 360-708-1534. 

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