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Mens 2.5 Now Full

Womens 2.5 Now Full

Mens 3.0 Now Full

July 2022 Tournament Registration Form


Sign up for Mens, Womens, and/or Mixed at the 3.0, 3.5, or 4.0 levels.

Please accurately assess your team's skill rating level and sign up accordingly.  

  • One team member can register both partners and in more than one bracket on the same form (Women's Doubles and Mixed Doubles or Men's and Mixed).  No need to submit two forms.  You don't need to sign up for multiple brackets, but you can if you want to with one form. 

  • You must enter your first and last name, your email, your phone, your partner's first and last name, your partner's email, and your partner's phone. The form walks you through each step.

  • Scroll up and down on each page to make sure you answer all the questions on each page. If you can't go forward, you missed a question. Answer them all and hit Next at the bottom.

  • If you get to a blank screen after you enter all your info and hit Next, SCROLL TO THE TOP OF THE BLANK SCREEN AND HIT "SUBMIT." 

Womens 3.0 Now Full

The first six teams (by time stamp) registered for each bracket and skill level are in the tournament.  Your successful registration does not necessarily mean your team has a spot in the tournament, but it does mean your team successfully submitted a registration.  

After you hit the Submit button you will receive a confirmation message.  


You will be notified by email later in the week if your team's registration was one of the first six in your bracket(s) and skill level.  The Competition Committee has to go through the registrations and weed out duplicate entries (if a team registered more than once) to identify the six unique teams who registered first in each bracket and skill level by time stamp. We will post lists of tournament competitors by bracket and skill level soon.


Please be patient.  The tournament is still over two months away and we're learning as we go. 

Now, Ready, Set, REGISTER!

Mixed 3.0 Now Full

Mens 3.5 Now Full

Womens 3.5 Now Full

Mixed 3.5 Now Full

Mens 4.0 Now Full

Womens 4.0 Now Full

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Mixed 4.0 Now Full

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