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Skagit Valley Pickleball membership offers exclusive use of the Blackburn Pickleball Pavilion - the northwest's premiere venue - seven hours a day, seven days a week with ten covered courts. Join a large, growing club and experience the fun of Pickleball today!

 Skagit Valley Pickleball provides opportunities for players of all levels to develop their skills, meet new people, challenge themselves or just have fun. We invite you to come play with us on over twenty pickleball courts around the county.

Playtime Scheduler

Skagit Valley Pickleball uses to schedule play at courts around Skagit County. Go to our Playtime Scheduler Help page to learn how to sign up and schedule play.  Join in or create your own playing opportunity.  It doesn't guarentee you a court, but guarantees you will have people to play with!

Pickleball Central Discount Code

Get a five percent discount on purchases of pickleball paddles, balls sportswear, and everything else pickleball when you use our Club Rewards code CRSKAGIT at  The club also gets a percentage of your purchase which we use for balls and other items.

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